Woman Breastfeeding Her Small Baby

Sisters Who Breastfeed is a mom to mom breastfeeding support group women of color who are breastfeeding or are considering breastfeeding.  We are a judgement free group and and are NOT required to be exclusively nursing to join.  We are your village!  The meet up is not only an opportunity to meet with the lactation consultant, but also a chance to build relationships with other breastfeeding women in your community. You will have an opportunity to weigh your baby on a professional baby scale and get professional feedback on your breastfeeding progress. Light refreshments will be served.  I encourage you to attend during pregnancy to have full breastfeeding experience from women who have lived it. You are welcome to bring a supportive guest.

SWB welcomes mothers who are doing any sort of breastfeeding including:

  • Breast and formula feeding

  • Exclusive pumping