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Corporate Lactation Program

Latched at work is a workplace lactation program designed to provide expert clinical support to employers and their employees as they transition into parenthood. Our program insures that the organization is compliant with state and federal breastfeeding laws. 

Why have a work place lactation program?

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Association of Family Physicians (AAFP) recommend that babies receive nothing but breast milk during the first 6 months of life, and continue receiving breast milk for at least the first year and beyond. 

According the business case for breastfeeding, having a work place lactation program can:

■ Lower medical costs and health insurance claims for breastfeeding employees and their infants (up to three times less for breastfeeding employees)

■ Reduce turnover rates (86-92 percent of breastfeeding employees returning to work after childbirth when a lactation support program is provided compared to the national average of 59 percent);■ Lower absenteeism rates (up to half the number of 1 day absences)

■ Improve productivity

■ Raise employee morale and loyalty to the company. 



Compliance Package

Protect your organization by becoming compliant with state and federal breastfeeding laws


Family Support

Help your employees make a smooth transition to maternity leave and return to work after welcoming a new baby


Work Place Program

Offer your employees a state of the art comfortable, private space to express milk at work

Work Place Compliance Package

Consulting and Training

  • Organizational needs assessment

  • Review of organizational policy and consulting.

  • Organizational complicate with State & federal breastfeeding laws

  • Management training

  • Site visit

  • Lactation room consult

  • Assist with benefits coordination


Latched at Work

Employee Lactation Support & Education Program

  • Assistance with transitioning to maternity/paternity leave

  • Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

  • Back to work classes

  • Direct clinical lactation support

  • Packages available based on your needs


Breastfeeding Friendly Work Place

Implementation of Worksite Lactation Program

  • Needs assessment

  • Site Visit

  • Identification of lactation room

  • Design of lactation room

  • Management of lactation room